Welcome to Day 1 of the #800gChallenge

Welcome to Day1 of the #800gChallenge! You can now log your score in the Triip app. While you should weight and measure your fruits and veggies at home or work, you can estimate quantities when eating out or on the road. A simple tip is that 1 cup of many fruits or vegetables is ~100g (except leafy greens which are ~25g/cup). As shown, a closed fist is about the size of a cup. "Ligther" items are closer to 100g/cup and "heavier" items are closer to 160g/cup. Don't be afraid to "eyeball" it; you will likely be within 20-30 grams. And all that weighing and measuring at home will help make this more accuarate over time.

Official Optimize Nutrition Blog Post Link: https://buff.ly/2Qn8WkB


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