No Matter The Goal, We Can Help!

The goals of our members are as diverse as the Brooklyn population. We offer goal-oriented programing and coaching to serve these varied needs. Whether you want to become healthier and fitter, start moving after living a sedentary lifestyle, or want to find your peak athleticism, our programing is for you. Our coaches are trained to determine the best way to help you. And the best part? You don’t have to be in shape to start! We love showing what we do to people who haven’t exercised in years. We teach our members how to move well, which keeps them injury-free and inspired to continue a life of fitness. The long-term result is some amazingly happy and fit people. If you need help achieving your health and fitness goals, we would love to help!


When you visit us, you will notice that the environment in our gym is different from others in the city. What separates Crossfit Dumbo from others is our sense of community. We are a close knit family committed to each other’s success, both in life and in the gym. Our clients come from all over the world and all age groups, which makes our community even more exciting!